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Are you interested in finding an authentic and potent web hosting; check with Arvixe . Arvixe is a committed web hosting service offering you efficient and fast service to rely on. Arvixe allows saving up to 60%, offer customer support for 24 hours and its 60 day guarantee of money back is a real savings.

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Choosing Arvixe Web Hosting Package

Arvixe provides an array of web hosting packages to suit all types of business, big and small. This hosting package includes:

Personal Class hosting:

This type of hosting provides shared hosting and also offers the feature to run applications such as Magento, Joomla or WordPress. The benefit is with data transfer, unlimited disk space, free domain name and plenty of tools to assist in building and running your website. The advantage is that you can enjoy all these facilities at low prices such as $4 a month and if you require more you can upgrade to Pro that is $7 a month, thereby get benefited with unlimited domain hosting.

Business Class hosting:

This type of hosting provides shared hosting power with extra dedication so that you enjoy reliability of the website and its peak uptime. Business class customers may enjoy all for $22 a month or can upgrade for a month at $35 to Pro and enjoy unlimited domain hosting.

Reseller Class hosting:

This hosting type means you can easily set up your reseller package. Your customers can have access to their control panel. Arvixe will allow you to manage and create your own business of web hosting and to take care of technical support and server management. You can get all these for $20 a month or you can upgrade for $50 to Pro. This is beneficial to make easy data transfer and to enjoy more disk space.

VPS Class hosting:

This type of hosting means you can own a virtual private server, featuring a “lite” option. You can enjoy the benefit and exclusivity of a dedicated server merely for $20 for “lite” or opt for standard paying $40 a month. You may also upgrade for $70 to Pro a month and enjoy more dedicated memory and disk space.

Dedicated Class:

Dedicated Class provides a managed dedicated server that is appropriate for any type of business. It gives customers ultimate reliability and functionality. In fact, at $429 a month these servers start and you can enjoy the dedicated server power with more flexibility. It comes at an economical price tag and at $108 a month, Cloud hosting is inclusive.

Award-Winning Web Hosting

Check the awards page to see how reliable the web hosting is. You can also notice Arvixe is appropriate to meet your web hosting needs. The main reasons for Arvixe being well loved is due to these valid reasons:

  1. 24 hour customer service
  2. No hidden fees
  3. 99.9% up time guaranteed
  4. Returning customer discounts
  5. 60 day money back guarantee

You can all these from hand-picked data centers that are truly powerful and are designed to offer you the best possible service.